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Rose Ariadne, with over 27 years of experience and thousands of satisfied students has two courses available online and quite a few different websites all around the art of Magick and Witchcraft.  Rose teaches the truth about Wiccan principles and her knowledge, expertise and consideration for all the blessed things in the world shines through.

I’ve always felt that the greatest trait a teacher can have is empathy and Rose is someone who is clearly in tune with her students.

Wiccan principles and teachings are often misunderstood and sometimes taught by charlatans who simply wish to exploit the magick community for their own personal gain.

But her teachings go much deeper than Wiccan beliefs and touch upon the very ancient secrets of Witchcraft.  You don’t have to follow Wicca or even believe in it to learn from her teachings.  Full disclaimer though – I am a Wiccan and quite proud of it.

Wiccans usually practice their craft in solitude so being able to connect online with someone is always a pleasure.

How Rose’s Teachings Are Different Than Others

Early on when I first started exploring magick I saw it as a tool to control others and manipulate people.  I was angry and frustrated with my own situation in life and so I looked for the easy way out.  You can read more about my story on this blog but needless to say I was on the wrong path and finally smartened up.

If you are new or just curious about Magick and how to use the energy that is within you then I urge you to stay away from anyone teaching revenge, manipulation and tactics you know in your heart are not pure or good.  I understand the temptation and pain you might be in but whatever wrongs you wish to embark upon will come back to haunt you three times as badly in the future.

When I learned the basics of Wiccan belief I started purchasing a few books on Wicca and Magick and eventually stumbled across Rose Ariadne.  I would say that Rose is different than other teachers in the following way:

  • A Real Track Record – Just look at the testimonials on her website for Mastering the Magick of Witchcraft.  And if you aren’t impressed with all the written and audio testimonials on the site then read even more at the very bottom of the page.  In her 27 years she’s helped and touched a lot of people’s lives.  You’ll soon learn that Witchcraft and Magick will allow you to not only fulfill your potential but help others the same way Rose is.
  • Unique and Original Material – I’ve purchased courses online that claim to teach you how Magick really works but often times they are just rehashing or re-wording information that is already there freely available on Wiccan forums and blogs.  Rose’s material is original and her own.  You will not learn these secrets by simply using Google to find answers for yourself.
  • A Sense of Humility – One thing that turns me off more than anything is a know it all or someone who is just obnoxious.  As knowledgeable as Rose is her emails to me and the course materials are always done in a very modest manner.
  • Ancient Knowledge – Rose’s Book of Shadows was handed down to her from her grandmother.  It’s been kept in her family for ages and having purchased both of her courses I am quite humbled by how much more I still have to learn.

I feel like Rose is a real genuine person who cares about her students and is someone who just isn’t trying to make some extra money.  She’s sharing her knowledge and helping us to grow. Since Wicca and the craft of spell casting is something we often do in solitude it’s nice to have Rose’s program to help.

Changes in My Life

Your current situation might be one you’re not too happy about.  Perhaps your plagued by financial problems, relationship problems or even health issues.  I know that since I started focusing on the Magick energy within me and strengthening and controlling that energy not only did my situation improve but my outlook and attitude changed also.

I don’t feel the need to be angry.  I’m calmer and maintain control during stressful situations.  My financial situation has improved and I’m attracting better people into my life so that sense of loneliness is finally going away.

Witchcraft has been very empowering for me.  I have a lot to learn on my path.

The Simple Spell Casting Course

I bought my copy of the Simple Spell Casting course online over two years ago.  I’ve stayed on Rose’s mailing lists and used the materials to make big changes in my life.

The Simple Spell Casting Kit is designed to teach you about Magick and Witchcraft.  It doesn’t require that you practice Wicca but teaches you some secret methods to understand the energy that is within you and how to use it to cast spells that are powerful and effective.

If you strengthen your inner energy enough, you may not even have to invoke a spell to achieve your desires.  They will just happen naturally.

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For someone starting off I recommend Rose’s Simple Spell Casting course because it covers all the basics and is quite less costly than her more advanced course.

If you want to learn a bit more about me and what I’ve learned through Magick then click around the site.  And don’t be shy!  Leave a message in the comments sections  because nothing makes me happier than seeing a comment!

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