Wiccan Beliefs

Wiccan Beliefs

Between movies, television shows and people’s own bias towards Wiccans it is quite common to come across misconceptions about Wiccan beliefs.  I grew up in the deep South (Louisiana) and also held some of these beliefs when I was a child and far more in the dark than I am now.

I actually started studying Wicca for all the wrong reasons!  Here are some of the most common misconceptions I’ve come across about Wiccan beliefs:

  1. Wiccans Beliefs Are Hateful - The idea that we are some evil wenches hiding in the woods with a cauldron and casting our diabolical revenge spells against our enemies is quite common.  In fact, Wiccan beliefs emphasize harmony and that the world we live in is one we strive to be in harmony with.  The more attuned we are to the sounds, frequencies, vibrations and music of nature the better off we are.
  2. Wiccans Are Not Spiritual - Another misconception is that Wiccans are not spiritual and that “spirituality” is only reserved for the mainstream faiths like Christianity.  Wiccan beliefs teach that everything we have is sacred and that the Divine lives within them.  My body and your body are temples for the Divine – I can’t think of a more spiritual belief than this one.
  3. Wiccan Belief  Encourages Revenge -As a Wiccan I believe in the Rule of Three and that whatever I do to someone else comes back to me three times stronger.  If I were to get revenge against someone who wronged me than I am only asking for more pain and grief to happen in the future.  What good comes from seeking revenge?  How is my act of revenge helping the world to be a better place?  It isn’t.  Although it is not easy to do, in many circumstances we must learn to forgive those who wronged us and focus on bettering ourselves and fulfilling our own potential.
  4. Wiccans are Immoral – Some close minded individuals believe that Wiccans are promiscuous, lack morality and the witchcraft they practice is dark and evil and some would go so far as to say that we worship the devil.  On the contrary, we believe in the Divine, and that the Divine is in each of us.  We teach personal responsibility for our actions and thoughts.  I believe each of us has a powerful Magick within us and this energy needs to be used responsibly and ethically.
  5. We Are All In Covens – I am a solitary Wiccan and practice my witchcraft alone.  I don’t know many other Wiccans other than the fine people I meet online.  I have had the good fortune to meet a few of my online friends while I’ve been traveling but joining a coven is entirely up to you!

Wiccan beliefs have helped me become a happier, more forgiving and kinder human being.  They’ve helped me to be in harmony with all that is around me, more mindful of my surroundings and empathetic to what others are going through.

What will you let them do for you?


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