Meditation has a very long history traces it’s origins back to India as a religious practice among the ancient Hindus.  There are also references to meditation in a lot of religious text outside of Hinduism in Islamic and Christian texts.   People have been seeking a higher state of consciousness through this introspective practice for thousands of years.

In addition to meditation being an “ancient” tradition it’s also a tradition that has been extensively studied by modern day science.  If you meditate constantly you can end up actually improving the physical structure of your brain, lowering your blood pressure and inflammation in your body.


Should Wiccans Meditate?

Should We Meditate?

How to Meditate

  • Mimic the pose in this picture.
  • For your hands, let your thumb touch your index finger (this hand placement is known is Gian Mudra and is one of many variations).
  • Keep your back straight.
  • Keep your eyes lightly shut.
  • Listen to your breath as you breath deeply in and out.

Still Your Mind

  • If your mind races return to your breathing.  Breath purposefully.

Label Your Thoughts

If you have thoughts pop into your head label them as past or future thoughts.  The more awareness you develop of whether your mind is focused on the past or future the more you will be able to pull it back to the present day so you can focus it as you see fit.

Labeling thoughts helps to build mindful behavior.

The Wiccan Spin to Meditation

I’ve found this whole practice to be very beneficial so I can stay more grounded.  I only meditate out in Nature.  I usually walk to a secluded part of the woods and sit in a clearing and begin my meditation (I also turn off my cell phone to ensure there are no distractions).

By being at one with nature in this deeply introspective state I believe my relationship with Nature will grow profoundly!












How to Become a Witch

First Ask Yourself Why Do You Want To Be A Witch?

I always wonder how people stumble across this blog.  Perhaps you are interested in learning just what this witchcraft business is all about or maybe you’re someone from my hometown trying your best to hunt me down!

I’ve talked a lot about Wiccan beliefs and misconceptions about Wicca and if you are able to open your mind I’ll have at least helped you along your path.  So how does someone become a real, genuine Witch?

It has very little to do with spells and rituals (those come later and they work for those of us serious enough and faithful enough to back them with our convictions) and a lot to do with learning, growing and becoming more in tune with the energy that flows through every part of nature and every fiber of our being.

If you want to become a Witch then I suggest you start reading, practicing and opening your mind up and getting ready for some deep spiritual growth.

  1. Love Nature – Develop a deep and abiding love for nature first and foremost.  Nature created us, nourishes us and keeps us alive.  Without it we are nothing.  The instincts and powers we have within us already are simply revealed by Wiccan rituals.
  2. Read – Read everything you can by Gemma Gary, Doreen Voliente and of course my favorite – Rose Ariadne.  Rose is by far the best teacher I have and as I practice my craft by myself I find that her presence online is good company to have.
  3. Carve Out Your Corner – You’ll need a place to practice your craft and keep  your belongings (things like candles, chalice, oils etc.).  I carved out a corner of my bedroom to start off with.  I recommend you keep this place very private as most people are rather intolerant of Wiccan beliefs and their doubt and negativity can be a real distraction.
  4. Study Ritual – Understand the rituals of Wicca and embrace them.  It is through these rituals and your convictions that you can unleash the energy and potential you have inside yourself.
  5. Start a Journal – This may one day become your own spell book but definitely write down your feelings and document your journey.
  6. Be More Loving – To quote Rose Ariadne -“If you want to become a Wiccan, you are essentially saying that you wish to use your powers to create the most beautiful and loving life that you are capable of. The most wonderful life is one in which we help others overcome their fears and fury. Anger and fear can destroy us while love and caring can revive us.”
  7. Understand the Law of Threefold – Whatever energy you put out into the world will be returned to you threefold.  This is why curses and revenge spells must be avoided at all costs.
  8. Understand the Wiccan Rede -


Wiccan Websites and Resources

Here are some excellent Wiccan websites that can help you learn more:

  • Mastering the Magick of Witchcraft – Learn the ins and outs of Wicca and spell casting.
  • The Simple Spell Casting System – Learn more by watching a special video message from Rose herself.
  • My Resource Page – you can find my resources page here.  I cover where to buy Wiccan Supplies from and some other helpful things.

Also, my last bit of advice for you is to be careful.  There are some helpful courses and websites where you can learn a lot about becoming a Witch and I’m sure you’ll find that useful but don’t go crazy buying everything.

Witchcraft is not an expensive craft.  If you are on a budget you can easily start by visiting the library and looking up some of the authors I mentioned.

All the best,

Your friend Willow

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I’ve mentioned before that I was raised a Catholic.  My parents were split on religion with one being very religious and the other not being as religious.  I think I grew up with a mix of very traditional views on sex, the role of women while still being exposed to a lot of progressive forward looking beliefs at the same time from both of my parents.

For sometime in my life I used to have a lot of resentment towards Christian teaching but as I’ve learned more about Wicca I’ve realized that life is just too short to be filled with resentment and hate towards anyone’s religious beliefs.

If you grew up with very orthodox teachings don’t look back on hatred and resentment but be grateful that your parents believed in anything at all.  Had you not been open to believing in something more as a child you may not be where you are with me right now.

I think the initial appeal to Wicca was that empowered me as a woman.  One of the key principles of Wicca affirms the equality of men and women.  Also the idea of sex and magick was an eye opener for me.  I realized that I had very repressive views on sex and was even ashamed of my own sexuality.

Is this why Wicca more often than not appeals to women?  Not as men are open to Wiccan beliefs these days.

Here is a great article on Wiccan beliefs if you are new and curious to what it is all about.




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